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Our subscription based fitness and wellbeing platform gives users the exercise classes, nutritional content and mindset activities they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle and is available with unlimited access on either a monthly or annual subscription basis. 

We give people the all of the content and flexbility they need to build fitness and wellbeing into their lives whenever & wherever suits them and motivate them with positive énergie! 

Our world class instructors lead everything from High Intensity Workouts through to Relaxing Meditation sessions and everything inbetween, including a variety of Yoga, Pilates and other popular exercise classes. Here's what's included: 

  • Weekly timetable of over 40 live and interactive exercise classes
  • 200+ On-Demand workouts with something to suit all intensity and ability levels
  • Mindset focused webinars and podcasts
  • A stacked recipe portal and cook-a-long videos, as well as nutritional webinars and blogs. 

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