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About Medical Travel Compared

As a specialist travel insurance comparison site, Medical Travel Compared is all about helping people with pre-existing medical conditions access cover they can count on. Since 2013, our free, independent service has helped many people find specialist travel insurance for hundreds of pre-existing medical conditions over the years.

We pride ourselves on providing the easiest and most convenient way to get travel insurance cover at a competitive price. Rather than spending your valuable time trawling numerous insurance sites and entering your details over and over again - we enable you to do it all in one go. It literally takes minutes.

We work with over 30 specialist insurance providers, so customers have the freedom to compare quotes from various providers at any given time.

How does Medical Travel Compared work?

We’ll ask you for details of your trip, what cover you need and the details of your travelling companions. You’ll then be able to safely and securely declare any pre-existing medical conditions using our sophisticated online screening tool – no need to call a provider or declare your condition in writing – it’s really that easy!

We’ll ask you to enter your details only once and then we’ll share these with our panel of over 30 specialist providers. You’ll then be able to compare the prices and features of each policy, and can even filter your quotes, making it easier to find the cover that is right for you!

And don’t worry If you need to think about your decision, we’ll send you an email with your top quotes. You can then revisit your quotes within 28 days without needing to enter in all your details again (however, prices are live and are subject to change).

Once you’ve chosen the policy that is right for you, we’ll transfer you directly to the insurance provider. There you will be able to confirm your details and make a secure payment. Your chosen provider will send all your policy documentation directly to you.

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