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Gavin Bradley, thought leader and founder of Active Working CIC and the Get Britain Standing campaign launched the Standing Desk Megastore in 2014. His mission is to improve the health of desk-based workers by making it affordable and easy for everyone to #SitLess and #MoveMore

Our value and quality driven approach towards and cost-effective wellness and productivity Yo-Yo DESK® solutions has been highly successful. Since launch we have helped grow the penetration of sit-stand desks to 7% of the UK market (from a meagre 1% in 2014.) We still have a long way to go if we are to catch up with Denmark, where 95% of all office desks are standing desks.

What makes us different?

  1. We offer an unbeatable range of choice, quality and value
  2. 30-day FREE trial, discounts and special offers
  3. FREE installation service
  4. Customer education, guidance and Active Working Seminars
  5. We have an expert team of UK based sales and aftersales service (unlike some competitors who operate from China)

We are thrilled to have now sold over 250,000 Yo-Yo DESK® solutions to offices and home offices everywhere. Of course, we are proud of every customer moving up and down the country, but especially those who recommend our #sitless solutions and our #movemore ambassadors - Olympic athletes, NHS heroes, and one in Buckingham Palace!

Yo-Yo DESK® is now the UK’s fastest growing standing desk brand and has brought a breath of fresh air to the standing desk offering. What started with a simple desk riser has now developed into a multi-national business offering standing desk solutions to fit every workplace. 

Our best-selling standing desk solutions are:

  1. Yo-Yo DESK PRO 1 / PRO 2 / PRO 2+
  2. Yo-Yo DESK 90 / MINI
  3. Yo-Yo DESK BIKE
  4. FLYTTA range

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